Are you lost? Are you wandering around ? It’s not a big deal if you’re. Everyone someday once in their lives get lost, they wander off, hiding away, fading from the fake world. And it’s okay to be so. Sometimes getting lost is the only way you find yourself. It’s good to be lost in the right direction. Going away from the world, alone makes you question every single thing about your life. And that’s the moment when you find yourself. Your true self. Who was waiting to be found by you. It’s scary when you’re alone all by yourself, it’s not easy being yourself. In this fake world full of hypocritical people, you actually turn into one yourself.  Being lost doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Columbus got lost, he found America. So all we need is a little faith in ourselves, believing and never losing hope even if we are facing the worst of all situations. That’s how we learn to stand. That’s when we get to know ourselves, of what we are capable of, our inner strength. So relax when you feel like that. It’s okay to have a little bit of fun and adventure all by yourself.


21 thoughts on “Lost

      1. I’m a fan! Your latest post rocks mountains but hey, for some reason I couldn’t comment there. Don’t know if that’s intended…

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