Favourite Song. 

Everyone have their favourite song.

You listen to it all the time.

You feel like absorbing the song, every lyric,every chord, every second of that perfect song.

It becomes your life, you take it with you, wherever you go because it makes you feel how no song ever has before.
You love the way the drums kick in that perfect spot, how the lyrics light you up, how the singers voice is smooth and easy.

But after a while of listening to that one song, you get a lil bored of it. You already know the drums are going to kick in, it doesn’t surprise you anymore. The lyrics are the same lyrics they’ve always been and you’re bored of hearing the same ones over and over. The singer’s voice is smooth but you’re interested in something edgy.
The song didn’t change, you did.
~He was my favourite song, but I got tired of singing along. ~


10 thoughts on “Favourite Song. 

  1. I feel like I should be worried. Neither do I have a single favourite song, nor do I stick to one for too long! And as you said, if this were to apply to the human counterparts, it’s safe to say that I’m doomed.
    Wonderful writing by the way! I love how music can be used to describe so many things!

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