Please don’t?  


Please don’t fall in love with me.

Because I’ll write poems about your collar bones curve, and the way your eyes flicker when you’re upset. I’ll look at your trembling lips. I’ll remember your favorite song and listen to it on repeat until the lyrics are engraved into the crevasses of my brain. I’ll remember why you prefer coffee over tea. I’ll listen to your voice notes in your absence. I’ll stare at our picture taped on my bathroom mirror.  I’ll think of you, every minute of everyday. I’ll love you even when you break me.  I’ll love you regardless your flaws. I’ll learn to embrace and love them. I’ll love more than you’ll ever love me. I’ll wrap my legs around your waist, and whisper in your ear, “Stay”. I’ll love you in a way no one else has ever before, in a way no one else can.

Love is patient and kind, love is deliberate. Love is hard. Love is pain and sacrifice, it’s seeing the darkness in another person and defying the impulse to jump ship.

And when I love, I won’t give up.  I’ll look into your eyes and explore galaxies , will venture within your constellations.

Will love you endlessly.
Please don’t fall in love with me?  


73 thoughts on “Please don’t?  

  1. Just WOW! :O
    I can already tell that it is written with such devotion and love. The words go perfectly well with the plot merged in creativity. The ineffable presence of majestic vibes and the perfectly sketched scenario is what makes it all so marvellous.

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  2. Oh my, This is so beautiful. Thank you for this.
    And it just rings so true. How come, that the people who love us are often times so much more accepting of our flaws than we are? its so hard to love yourself the way somebody else can. I aspire to have that kind of relationship with myself and i’m working on it by embracing my flaws one blog post a day, but could i ever reach this level of acceptance?
    I doubt it.

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    1. Thank you so much.
      Yes, before loving anyone else, we must always love ourselves and accept the way we are. That’s called being imperfectly perfect.
      Don’t ever doubt yourself. You’ll one day and that too proudly. 🙂


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