The Silence 

The silence caressed her skin like a cool summer breeze, soothing her soul, taking away her jagged edges. 
The silence made her blood as cold as the air that crept through the window. Bereft of any wind the leaves outside hung limp until they fell of their own accord,  there was no whispering noise or rustling. It was as if nature conspired to keep her in the dark, not daring to whisper the reassurance she craved.  

The silence gnawed at her insides.  It hung in the air like the suspended moment before falling glass shatters on the ground. It was like a gaping void, needing to be filled with sounds, words, anything. It was poisonous in it’s nothingness, eerily unnatural, like a dawn devoid of birdsong.

It seeped into her every pores, like poison slowly paralyzing her from either speech or movement. 


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