Her Brown Eagle Eyes


Her eyes were Brown. Brown eyes were common but not hers. Her eyes were a hickory as rich as the earth’s soil; stained with the color of hot chocolate on a cold, winter night that wraps around you like a blanket; engulfs you in its warmth and makes you feel at home. Those deep pools of dark-cinnamon swirls seized the depth and heaviness of one thousand untold stories, which imprisoned the sweetness of saccharine chocolate and the bitterness of strong coffee. They consisted of raw emotion and if you observe closely, they will reveal to you the exact thought that crosses the marvels of her ominous mind. Her eyes were torture in the most exquisite way.

Like the chocolate that melts at the slightest bit of the heat from love, or happiness. They are hot chocolate on a cold fall night at a football game. They glow with humor and playfulness that gives you shivers and wraps you in a warm embrace at the same time. The deep brown of the winter trees at twilight, the lightened brown of parched summer soil, glossy chestnut brown.

Her eyes captured his attention, darker and more intense than the bottom of the sea, a fierce dusky brown with subtle golden flecks towards the center. They pulled him in, capturing his attention, drowning him with it’s sheer force. They had him hypnotized. Her eyes reminded him of the first drink they shared, huddled near the warmth of the fire, talking about nothing and everything. They sparkled, reminiscent of the crystal shard they bought, zircon in the natural sunlight, reflecting all her emotions of love onto him. They sang, a sweet melody that wrapped around him and embraced him with familiar touch and remembrance. Those eyes were where he starts and ends, his journey over the ever changing earth, the ground which keeps him stable. They were where he will take his last embrace and hope to be returned to. Those earthen depths, yet to fully explore, will remain a mystery for him.

He fell in love with her brown eagle eyes.

Dangerous. Deadly. Beautiful. 



65 thoughts on “Her Brown Eagle Eyes

  1. You are a great writer Sparsha. I mean I doubt I can describe someone’s eyes with so much of beauty, with intricate details. Really a great price this is. 🙂

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