Her Musings

Can you name something that always manages to wake you up on Monday mornings? Can you name something that is always there at a flick of a button? Can you name something that can change a person’s mood so instantly?


The variety of music in the universe is so diverse that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Music doesn’t worry about leaving someone out. She has allowed there to be a song, a lyric, a melody for everyone to connect to. The topic of conversation, she can get even the timid involved. She is the tension disappeared from an awkward silence, the fun in a long car journey, the release from society, the savior to an addiction, life. She’s seen it all before and it won’t be long before she helps another person, in need of saving.

 Music fills the air without effort, like the waves filling holes in beach sand; the sound rushing in and around every person in the room. Some react to the beat, others continue in chatter, but always it speaks to them in some manner. A lively tempo can lift them, elevate the spirit, or move them to dance, whilst a slow one can relax the mood. Before the notes filled the air every person was an island, with it they all feel the same tidal flows and the beginnings of togetherness feels warm.

The lyrics swim through her cerebral cortex like a wakeful dream, the notes relaxing her, enabling the song to call her entire being. Music could never be something superfluous to her, it is medicine delivered in the most divine way. It the rhythm of her soul. It flows through her veins and swirls in her head. It makes her fingers drum and her feet tap. It transcends the everyday monotony to make each fresh morning a new journey of sounds.

The great thing about music is that it didn’t save your life, it gave you strength and will power to save your own life; that’s the beauty of music.

Sparsha lived for her musings. If she could hear it played live she began to tingle, even for a solitary instrument. There was something about the vibrations that felt so heavenly, as if it were liquid energy seeping right through her skin. Her mother said it was because she was blind, that her mind over compensated, but she swore she’d be just the same way with or without sight. Perhaps that’s why she learnt to play so well, she felt it, craved it, expressed emotions better than anyone else.

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart.


43 thoughts on “Her Musings

  1. So true! In fact taking the example of Beenthoven, I don’t even think you need the power of hearing to actually enjoy music….he knew his compositions were great even though he was completely deaf…and look how much people appreciate his art..

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