Vicissitudes of Life

Daily Prompt- Triumph

Life is a random string of beads; a chaotic sequence of sparkling, dull, ostentatious and revolting. Each one is linked to the next by the string, by time, but cannot predict what comes next. The mind must take what it is given and make the best of it, never loosing hope that more beauty will come.

It’s an unwritten book. You get to be the star of your own story, crafting it day by day, interacting with loved ones who are the stars of their own stories. As we all travel the pages it is our connections that make the tale worth telling. The highs and lows keep the reader enthralled, but most of life’s joy is found in the quiet passages, in the rich detail and the savoring of moments. It is in the realization that happiness is a quiet emotion, and as such is not easily stored in long-term memories like the troubles and the triumphs, yet it is the very ink in our quills.This roller coaster of life, astounds me with a sudden feeling of wonder and astonishment at times or strikes me nefariously, without a warning. At a point it’s like a congruous, concordant blend of bliss and felicity and at other times it’s just outrageously wicked. It lets me experience mirth at the fullest, then leaves me despondent and in a state of melancholy. And yet here I am anticipating life’s thrilling adventures, waiting to enshroud its deepest mysteries.

The thing about life is, it pushes you until you break just to see if you can put yourself back together.


51 thoughts on “Vicissitudes of Life

  1. “…most of life’s joy is found in the quiet passages, in the rich detail and the savoring of moments. It is in the realization that happiness is a quiet emotion…” Such eloquently spoken words! I love it!

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  2. Yes we are the stars of our own story!
    Life isn’t bad when you participate in it and not just react to it.
    When we learn to accept more than we try to change about it, we can put our hands up and enjoy the ride.
    Nice work!

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  3. Wow, beautifully penned. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    Life does that to test us!? Huh, I see. But a lot many don’t have that opportunity. Some have life easy, while some don’t. Some do manage to get through the phase.
    But, what if someone can’t put themselves together?

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    1. Thank you so much. πŸ™‚
      Yes, life does.
      Well trust me, no one has an easy life. It’s all about how one deals with it. Some get through, some aren’t able to. And that’s the point where we are tested, that’s where we have to be strong and face the situation. Hope is what keeps us going. Don’t let go of that.
      Believe in yourself.

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      1. You’re welcome.
        Yeah, I know that life does it. I am not sure why it does so.
        I beg to differ. Some have it easy as well.
        Ah, the ideal optimistic perception. Can’t really argue with that.

        But then again, sometimes there’s no hope. Sometimes that belief is crushed after a million or so instances.

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      2. There’s always Hope.
        You really think without it, anything can move forward. It’s the only reason we think of waking up the next day. Hoping that somehow tomorrow might be better.
        Although I won’t argue on the point that some people do have an easier life, comparatively. But thinking that won’t do any good, will it?
        Optimism is necessary.
        Yes, sometimes we all have that phase where we no longer wanna move forward.
        But what if tomorrow goes well?
        Have faith in yourself. πŸ™‚

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      3. Yes there is always hope. Sometimes, some just lose it.

        Completely agree. And without hope, life could go on, but not the way one expects it to.
        Yes, we all want the tomorrow to be better, but not all tomorrows are better or even good.
        But I get it, you are an optimistic person who sees the bright side of life. And that really great. Kudos to you.

        Well, having it easy is not something we can discuss about.

        Yes, it is necessary.
        And what if it doesn’t? And the next tomorrow? And the next tomorrow? And the next tomorrow?

        Thank you. But, well I don’t. So πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ.

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      4. To be honest, I wasn’t an optimistic person myself.
        But turns out I learn from someone that I’ve to be strong that’s how I can be happy. Even if I’ve a thousand problems, I can only make myself strong if I believe I can do it.
        I understand your point, I’ve been there. I hope you have your good days soon. Bad days don’t last forever. πŸ™‚

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      5. I am really glad to know that you have overcome that phase. And it is great to know that you are on the better side of life. And even more awesome to know that you have become stronger.

        Thank you. You are kind. And optimistic.
        And apparently, they do.

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  4. well written. Life is not only a book, but a “One Way Journey.” We must know how to live, patience and perseverence are two keys that keeps us going through this journey. Individually our journey will end one day. Anything, good or bad that comes our way on this journey, we attend, we breath, we sort them out, but we must always keep going! I enjoyed reading!

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