Je t’adore

via Daily Prompt: Paragon

The young man by the door was broad-shouldered and tanned, unkempt hair as black as the coal, saddened eyes, the paragon of a perfect gentleman, lost in his thoughts.

The sun set threatening to dip behind the horizon, firstly cascading a prim bombardment of colors that were flung over the sky with terrible alacrity. The receding blue and oranges battled the blackness pushing it away with arms. It shone on the lake below shining its deep depths. The radiant glow scintillated and beamed: the legacy of the sun. The sun omniscient omnipotent left hanging in the crisp air it floated downwards like a deflated balloon.

It had been a while, since he set foot outside his home, fearing he might break down again. Last he remembered was holding her hands, looking at her smile as she talked about nothing and everything. The last memory of her, her beautiful brown eyes looking back at him. He always gave up when it came to making her understand, though she made it up by kissing him as always, cause she knew him well enough. She was the only reason to his life, the only reason he wasn’t afraid of anything, the only reason for him to have hope, courage and smile everyday for the rest of his life. She died three weeks ago.

She was his only epitome of happiness. She always will remain so. 

He sat down, lifeless, staring at the sky.

The sun was sinking faster now and the whole sky was turning to blood. The twilight stole away the colors of the day until the world looked like an old black and white movie.


35 thoughts on “Je t’adore

  1. One of my favourite posts till now sparsha , the ending is really heartbreaking . Amazing and sad , makes a person reminisce of past , of what he lostπŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜“

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