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Emotions. The very thing that make us human. You can have happiness, pride, excitement, relief. Every emotion considered good. But what would you be if you didn’t feel hurt, or pain, or despair? You can’t have the good without the bad. There is no light without darkness. The trick is to balance them, so the bad doesn’t seem so terrible, and you can truly appreciate the good.

Ever since we were little we learn that you smile when you are happy and frown when you are sad. And anger, excitement, fright, and so many more. But those things that you call feelings, are emotions. They are pretty much synonyms. This emotion thing, is a roller coaster that will give a situation and you will react will a certain feeling or emotion. Just like stimuli and response or cause and effect. They go hand and hand. Every person has emotions and they change all the time. The way you read, write, talk, and act reflects that. They show everyone our independence and freedom to be ourselves.

My sadness, my fear, my love they were simply birds flying around my own head. At first, in knowing this, I felt alone, isolated within my mind. But, after a time, I knew it meant I was in control. The sad memories only existed in my head, they were like movies I could refuse to play and so the “sadness bird” flew away. My fear was nothing at all, less than a trap of fine gossamer thread. A life lived in the shadows is as a new blossom trampled underfoot, it is my choice to be beautiful, to live in full sunshine and so the “fear bird” flew away. My love for this world, for others, is rarely reflected back with the passion I give out, yet others are in their own pain, perhaps lonely, trapped with their own birds and so my “love bird” came home to roost. There are days fear and sadness visit with their mournful tunes, but I understand that they came at my calling. I understand that it was my choice to let them in, and I can easily tell them to leave. Knowing that my emotions are my own is a power, blaming others injures the self. I am responsible for myself in all ways and I choose to be happy, to lead a positive life, to listen to the melody of love. For the first time in so very long, my soul has peace. As if with a quiet choice I commanded a hurricane to become still, and it did.

Its both a blessing and a curse, 

to feel everything so very deeply. 


22 thoughts on “Rubatosis

  1. If there is another life, I would not breathe a breath that don’t think about you/ if there is another life, I would not love a love that has no your sigh in you.

    Collected from a broken up up relationship πŸ™‚

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