Lust and Vibes

“Hey,” I say, stepping into the hallway. “No need to knock. Come in.”

He steps inside and I stroll down the hall, aware of the electricity in the air the moment he steps through the entrance. It’s like a crackling in the air. I don’t remember feeling this way with any other man. Perhaps this is what it’s like when people say they feel fireworks going off.

I emit a tiny gasp when I note the familiar glazing over in his eyes. It’s like I’ve just enchanted him, ensnaring him with my gaze. I toss my hair onto my back and rest my hands on the bottle of wine he’s holding out to me. I sense him squirming with desire from here and then the scent of his cologne drifts in through my nostrils, a scent I’m quickly becoming addicted to. A tingling sensation disrupts my ruse and the tables turn. I am now caught in his web. This game of desire is intoxicating.



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