Amarthine Love

It’s true what they say, laughter is infectious. But you know what? I think love is too. But not in the full on laughter kind of way, but in the steady quiet lifetime of dedication kind of way. That’s how it is with me and him. It didn’t arrive slowly though, it was the clap of thunder kind, the kind that slaps you round the face like a wet kipper – kinda rude and shocking. But once you’ve felt love like that, you can never imagine a life without it. It can’t stay as a thunder clap, of course, there is laundry to do and bills to pay – but under that everyday monotony, the love is still there: warm, cozy and just as real.

There are no words, for there are so many to describe true love. It is intense, passionate and most often, unforgettable. Love is pain that broke your heart yesterday and yet love is the joy that picked up the pieces to create a beautiful tomorrow.


the moon

is still the moon

in all of  its phases

Love is ephemeral as lifetime ends and yet eternal as it is embodied in memories that build one.


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