via Daily Prompt: Fragrance

In the room that is twilight and shadow, as he stands close enough for me to breathe in his fragrance. His arms wrap around my back and in one gentle pull our skin touches. I feel his hand in my hair, how he loves the softness, watching it tumble as he releases it. Then his hand moves down my cheekbones to my lips. That’s when the kissing starts and we start to move like partners in a dance that is written in our DNA.ย Every kiss has a raw intensity – breathing fast, heart rates faster. ย Our bodies fit together as if we were made just for this, to fall into one another, to feel this natural rhythm. With a laugh he lifts me right off my feet, carrying me toward the bed, letting me fall with a soft bounce on the mattress. We lock eyes for just a moment, just enough for us to feel safe with one another. Then he’s all business, undoing my jeans, pulling them off, kissing from my toes upward, slowly, his hands on my legs, always just a little higher than the kisses. Then before I know how it happened we are naked and our skin is moving softly together, like the finest of silk. I feel my back arch in anticipation, knowing where his fingers will soon reach. My head rocks back against the pillow as he does, the first moan escaping my lips.ย 

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