In the silence

I noticed the translucence of the sun

I noticed the way sky changed its colors by every minute that passed by

Thinking how things changed between us

I still remember the way your blue eyes lit up at the mention of my name 

Your smile fading as the sky gets dark

I realized what you do to me

Painting my life like the colorful sky 

Vibrant colors followed by dull grey

Teaching me about the life I gave up on

Now I am afraid to lose it if I blink my eye 

Afraid I will lose something as beautiful as your face

That’s why I keep staring

Up at the sky

Till its grey. 



16 thoughts on “Firmament

      1. I’m ok, writing lots of poems, and they’re ok I think 🤔 Have been suffering depression and anxiety/panic attacks, but back seeing my psychologist, from 5 years ago, she’s good for me, so I’ll back to “normal” soon 😎😊


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