I wanted to visit the beach, the place I have always loved. The beach was a blaze of parasols, hot colors to match the burning sand underfoot. Against the percussion of the waves was the laughter, coming in bursts and rolling like the ocean. I love the beach because I can walk for miles.The sand... Continue Reading →



via Daily Prompt: Relieved   You are the only healthy drug there is, the one that puts my mind into a frenzy of sparks. The simple touch of your hand leads me into moving in ways I never learnt but know so well. The feelings rock my head backwards as you kiss my neck and... Continue Reading →


The thunderstorm was coming. There were growling, ominous dark clouds gathering above, looming over us, howling, crying, warning, baying like a wolf into the night. The first crack of lightening rent the air and within seconds the rolling boom of the thunder reverberated overhead. The boughs of the trees swayed in the strengthening gust, surrendering their fall... Continue Reading →

Je t’adore

via Daily Prompt: Paragon The young man by the door was broad-shouldered and tanned, unkempt hair as black as the coal, saddened eyes, the paragon of a perfect gentleman, lost in his thoughts. The sun set threatening to dip behind the horizon, firstly cascading a prim bombardment of colors that were flung over the sky... Continue Reading →

Engulfing Darkness 

The sun cast it's golden rays down upon the clouds of bellowing ample, turning them bright red ; fire red.   "Do you see the colors Sparsha ?", a question frequently asked by her mother a long time ago.  "They are symbols.  Each showing you the good tomorrow could bring".  It was a Saturday evening,... Continue Reading →

Please don’t?  

Please don't fall in love with me. Because I'll write poems about your collar bones curve, and the way your eyes flicker when you're upset. I'll look at your trembling lips. I'll remember your favorite song and listen to it on repeat until the lyrics are engraved into the crevasses of my brain. I'll remember... Continue Reading →

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