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Okay, so introduction? Damn, I’m bad at that cause I don’t know what to say apart from my name.

Okay, I’ll try my best. 

My name is Sparsha Mishra and I’m 19. I’m currently pursuing my Undergraduate Degree in Electronics & Instrumentation at KIIT University, Odisha, India. I don’t exactly know what am I doing with my life right now but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon. Right now, I am very interested in AI and ML. And I’m pursuing that path including the college studies. 

Well everyone’s got a problem pronouncing my name, I mean why? It’s not that hard as it seems but I’ve seen people calling me either “Barsha” or “Sparsh”. They always have to mingle with my alphabets as if they can’t quite figure out whether its S or A. It goes like “Sparshaaaa”.  But never mind, I’ll rectify if you enunciate it otherwise. 

My name is one of Durga, a Hindu warrior Goddess. 

Yes, It’s me.

I’m a Professional Odissi Dancer. The photograph is the inevitable truth. That was my first solo performance at an International Odissi Festival.

Apart from dancing, I am an avid reader. I can finish one book in one day (not an achievement I know ) – Psychological Thrillers being my favorite pick amongst Mystery and Fiction. I call myself a Lisztomaniac, I’m sure the word says it all. Well, of course, I love writing, imagination and getting creative is what I’m good at (according to me xD). I paint sometimes though very bad at it, that’s probably why I wouldn’t show any. I did once learn to play Casio so I just remember the Twinkle song. I’m neither a fan of Cricket nor Football but if I ever watch football, it’s only gonna be for Madrid’s sake – cause Ronaldo.

I prefer Hollywood movies though not the sole romantic one’s exception being Fault In Our Stars. Rom-Com is kinda my kind.

My favorite movies being Age of Adaline, Gone Girl, Sassy Girl, The Proposal and the list is endless. Horror movies are equivalent to dreadful nightmares for me so I tend to stay away from them. I am a very big fan of the Television show called “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, and right now I’ve in love with PRISON BREAK too. Westworld, Scandal, Flash, Game of Thrones, House of Cards – are a few among them.

I’m currently doing an internship at Tasmai, a part of Global Green Door as a  content writer.

Well, I guess that’s all I can come up with right now. I hope you have a great time reading my blog. Have a great day. Cheers !


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